Why Becoming a Driver is a Good Choice

The concept of a “normal” 9 to 5 office job has slowly but surely been dwindling over the past few years. This is mostly because of the internet. The internet has afforded opportunity to many break from the cycle and earn money from avenues that did not even exist before.

Smartphones furthered this trend of people moving towards unconventional means of earning money. Ridesharing services like Uber, Lyft and Fleek are some examples that have earned a very large audience because they offer some of the easiest way to earn a very high amount of money.

No Education, No Training and No Investment Required

The only requirement you only ever need to drive for Uber or Lyft is a car, license and smartphone. That is only the only thing you will ever need. They will only check the condition of your car, complete a background check, make sure the app works and then you will start working.

Rideshare services were essentially transformed into a taxi at your doorstep system and this was the best thing that could have happened to them. Realistically no one really used Uber or Lyft for their intended purpose of ridesharing, instead they used it as a taxi service. This was the reason why these companies started earning obscene amounts of money. Drivers worked hard and long and were rewarded with huge sums of money.

From a financial standpoint, becoming an Uber or Lyft driver is a sure-fire way of getting back on your own feet. These jobs really require no experience, no technical knowledge and no expensive degree for you to start. Simply show up at the office with a valid license and of course a car and you can start making money.

Earn and Earn Quick

With a sprawling city like Los Angeles, you can expect to be behind the wheel almost all day if you wish. That is one other thing that makes these rideshare apps so great to work for. You are not at all bound. You can log off the app for a break any time you wish, or simply leave them altogether. You are completely independent of any corporate involvement and work for yourself more than anything.

This independence can lead to a lot of money being earned if you are willing. In cities like Los Angeles you can meet daily targets within a matter of hours and then some. Uber or Lyft even sometimes reward their drivers for a constant 5-star rating on their rides.

The only thing stopping you from earning money in this career as a rideshare driver is yourself.

Great news though!  There are newer and better services popping up that have learned from the old ones. These new services know how the system works and how they can have their drivers earn tons more. Fleek is one such service. Fleek only charges 10% of a rides fee while other services like Uber and Lyft can charge anywhere between 25% to 55%. You could be earning so much more with rideshare services like Fleek.

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