Why drivers should consider switching to Fleek

If you are driving for other ride-sharing services, and are a top rated driver you will want to make a switch. Here are the top 3 reasons to drive for Fleek.

    1. Earn more

Fleek takes only 10% in commissions, so you’ll be keeping almost everything you make.  Make more money without working more by paying less in fees.  How big are the fees you pay now? 30, 40 percent, or more.

    2. 24 / 7 tech support

Fleek is available by phone and email to handle problems as they arise. Obviously, 911 is the first call if an emergency happens.  But for non-emergency problems such as rider disputes or if you find something lost in the backseat of your car

    3. Keep your schedule

You make your own schedule. You can work when and how much you want to.  Ultimately, you are your own boss and Fleek just connects you to your awesome riders.