Introducing Fleek – A socially responsible way to ride

The Fleek Platform

The “gig economy” is here to stay; directly connecting people buying a service to people who sell that service. Ride-sharing services represent a huge portion of this new economy. But the competitive nature of ride-hailing drives prices so low, in some cases, drivers don’t make any money. After gas, cleaning their car, paying a 35% fee in commissions (or more) to the hosting platform like Uber/Lyft, there isn’t much left for the driver. Some articles state drivers may only make 29 cents a mile. Platforms may, also, hold the driver’s money for a week or more - they took your money instantly, but make the drivers wait.

If you use the ride-share services, you see the results of treating drivers badly - the bad drivers stay-on longer, while the good ones go find something else.

Making things right

Fleek, is attracting the best drivers, with the better, faster pay. If a driver has 4.6 star rating on another ride share platform, Fleek will only charge them a fair, 10% commission fee per trip. Compare that to Uber/ Lyft’s 25-45%.

For a long time, drivers have been unfairly treated. The commission fee they pay is too high, and they wait too long to have disputes resolved. But with real 24/7 tech support, drivers are respected and taken care of. By treating our drivers like professionals, you get a professional experience.

Our commitment

In addition to fairness, Fleek is committed to safety in ride-sharing. Fleek drivers have dashboard cameras that record the entire trip. By recruiting the top drivers from other platforms, and recording trips, passengers can feel getting into a car with one of our operators.

Tons of people are making the switch to Fleek. You will feel good knowing the extra work the driver put into cleaning his car, his good driving skills, and knowledge of the area is being fairly compensated.