How Other Rideshare Services Exploit Drivers

The hey-day of earning a living from other top rideshare companies is now in the past. It used to be that if you were to drive for one of Fleek’s competitors, you’d be working for yourself. You could log onto the app, and drive for a few hours and walk away with a decent amount of money. That’s not the case anymore. Drivers are seeing more money spent on maintaining their cars and filling up the fuel tanks than what they keep in their pockets.

This increase in price is mostly only because both competitors have a duopoly on the market. In big cities like Los Angeles, this is especially true. To the average consumer, these companies might be in an apparent rivalry, however, they’re actually working together to bring up the market rates. Lobbying is nothing new. Even the most famous brands in the world, Coca-Cola and Pepsi have done this.

What does this mean? The average customer will see more and more money out of their pockets. If you’ve been a driver for an extended period of time for the one of the top rideshare companies you might have noticed less money coming your way.

Newer services are a threat to these companies. Where our competitors charge 25%-55%, new companies like Fleek charge only 10% of the cut. Which means if you’re earning say a $100 dollars per day, you could take home $90 with Fleek whereas with our competitors, you’d take anywhere from $45 to $75 home.

The thing is that in large metropolitan cities like Los Angeles, drivers do not realize that they’re being taken advantage of. You feel like you’re earning a good wage, so you don’t care about the cautions. But if only the drivers knew. Fleek realizes the unfair nature of these companies.

Fleek has decided to cut the crap and pay their drivers more. A driver for Fleek will be earning more per ride than they would have with any of the competitors. It’s simple business for these rideshare services and they knowingly take advantage of their workers for money profits and more money. Fleek looks to change that.

So join the Fleek Team and earn real money!