Fleek: The New Rideshare App that is Fair to Its Drivers

If you live in the Los Angeles area, you’ll know how impossible it Is to live without a rideshare app. Uber and Lyft have become a part of your daily routine and it’s pretty improbable going to places without using one of the platforms. The old fashion routine of hailing a taxi or calling for a cab on the side of the road has almost disappeared and been replaces by people tracking a car on their smartphones.

In Los Angeles, Uber and Lyft may seem like a pretty viable option for a career. Many people drive Uber and Lyft part time as these options offer some really attractive opportunities for making money. But if you’re thinking of Uber or Lyft as a main career to make ends meet, you might have to look somewhere else. This is because popular ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft greatly exaggerate the pay they give to their drivers.

Uber advertises that it takes 35% and more of the rider’s earnings but research has found that is often more than that. Last year, Uber agreed to pay its driver $20 million to resolve its case with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. According to the FTC report, Uber exaggerated potential income of drivers and the finances that would be involved in maintaining their cars to attract new drivers.

Besides that, Uber drivers are making a lot less than they were in 2013. To make $10 dollars on average, an Uber driver has to driver about 4.7 miles. The service fees Uber charges can be about $1 to $3, which is a huge chunk when it comes to lower priced rides anyway. In Los Angeles, if a driver makes a ride for $5.15, the effective commission they get is $2.63 because of the service charges. That’s 51% of the total fare that goes to Uber.

We’re not out to get Uber, these are just true facts that everyone considering Uber as career should know.

Fleek: The Better Ride-Sharing App

Fleek is the newest rideshare app that has been introduced in the Los Angeles area. Fleek will take only less of the ride’s fare from the driver. Riders will be making more of the fare that they used to make. With Uber and Lyft, drivers take anywhere between 45-75% of the fare home. So for a $5 ride, with Fleek, you’ll be taking home $4.50 whereas with Uber or Lyft, you’d be taking home $2.25 to $3.75. That’s pretty significant.

With the rates Fleek is offering, driving for a ridesharing app can be considered a realistic way of earning some serious cash.

So what are you waiting for… join the Fleek team!