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We're committed to delivering the best driver experience possible. With Fleek you can earn due to our low service fee. Our support team is available 24/7 via phone or email whenever you need help.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Fleek’s requirements?
To drive for Fleek. You must be at least 21 and own an iPhone or Android phone. As part of our approval process, you will undergo a DMV check, plus a national and county background check. This will require a Social Security number, in addition to an in-state driver’s license that is at least a year old. Learn more about our background check standards in the Help Center.Your car needs to be either a Sedan, SUV or 10 passenger Van, 2010 or newer, have 4 external door handles and at least five total seat belts. You must have a valid Driver's License (DL). We’ll confirm all of this during your application process.
How do I get paid?
Fleek driver partners get paid for every trip on a per minute and mile basis. Money is deposited into your account each week automatically.
When can I start driving?
Once activated, use your new credentials to log in to the Driver app and start driving. Already applied? Check your application status through the Fleek driver app.

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